06-23-2011 Pantheon at night again. Can’t get enough of this place.

06-23-2011 GIOLITTI! If you are ever in Rome, you must have a gelato from here! Personal favorites include: Nocciola (hazelnut), Mandorla (almond), and Baileys. Also, the Champagne flavor is unique. 

06-23-2011 We want Vespas. We really really want to ride Vespas. 

06-23-2011 That white wedding cake building known as the Victor Emmanuel Monument.

06-21-2011 The kind instructor who patiently taught us how to make everything. Also, Sam is getting tan! Oh, Italian summer sunshine!

06-21-2011 Certified to cook Italian food! 

06-21-2011 Enjoying the products of our hard work family style! We Viterbi kids can cook! 

06-21-2011 Time for our Cooking Class! We made fried eggplant pasta and a zucchini dish on the side. Soooo yummy, especially when paired with the white wine. Why can’t the tomatoes here in America actually taste like tomatoes? And for dessert, we made tiramisu. Of course we would make tiramisu…but we were so busy indulging in it that we forgot to take pictures. 

06-21-2011 The wall that doubled as a secret escape passageway for the Pope from the Vatican.

06-20-2011 Setting up for Lungo il Tevere, a nighttime fair full of food, arts and crafts, and shopping. 

06-20-2011 on the walk home, we saw the broken bridge to the island in the middle of the Tiber

06-20-2011 right next to the Jewish Ghetto. We should have made some time to try the food there because the menus sounded amazing.

06-20-2011 Somebody who is ridiculously wealthy lives in the converted housing of the Teatro di Marcello in the top of this picture. Wish we could have gone inside…